How To Train Yourself To Be More Positive In Four Steps

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2 min readApr 22, 2022


Are you a person who is inclined to see the brighter side of things, even in dire situations? Or do you oftentimes tip to the other side and wallow in negativity?

No matter which category we fall into — pessimist or optimist, we all want to experience the life we’ve dreamed of and continuously strive to achieve. But life is volatile. It can be a crooked path with bumpy roads ahead. Our plans don’t always go as planned and, in some instances, completely stop us in our tracks. Bracing ourselves for all challenging circumstances, and having the ability to see their sometimes hidden beauty, can help to propel us forward, despite the setbacks.

The ability to rewire our minds and change our perspective into a positive one is not as farfetched as it seems. Our mind is fully trainable to be optimistic, all we need is a little patience and persistence to tweak some of our routines.

The following are four steps to train yourself to be more positive.

Start Your Day On a Positive Note

If you want to experience positivity throughout your day, start thinking positive things the moment you wake up. This habit increases your energy and helps to fulfill your goals for the day. Envisioning completing your tasks and focusing on your passion sets up your mind to believe it can do so. It also builds your courage and determination to achieve things you may have thought weren’t previously possible. Write down, in detail, all the things you want to do before bed. Your subconscious mind can better remember each of your aspirations for the new day.

Immerse Yourself In a Positive Environment

You absorb the energy of your surroundings. That’s why changing and eliminating the things that breed negativity can positively impact your life. Shifting things is not only limited to your workplace, home or routine but is also applicable to any interpersonal relationships that create toxicity around you. Read more…



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